A To Z of Me; ABC Is Easy…

So I’ve seen these A To Z of me posts going around for a couple of different bloggers and I thought ‘I WANT TO DO THAT TOO!’. While I didn’t want to do a Gigantic post of the alphabet but I didn’t want to break each letter up into individual posts, I thought doing a couple of letters at a time should be easier.

So here are the ABC’s of me.

A Is For… Autumn


The first thing that comes to mind is apple… and while I do like apples that is totally not what I am going for instead I am going to go with Autumn since it’s my favorite holiday. While I did a First day of Autumn post, where I briefly talked about why I love Autumn so much, what I didn’t talk about is a lot of my important dates happen in Autumn. I met, dated and got married to my husband during this season. My Favorite Holiday Thanksgiving is during this season. Autumn is the time my family tends to start getting together. Autumn is just magical, for the cooling weather to the changes of color, I absolutely love it.

B is for… Beauty

Make up haul

This on was easy, hello I started this blog out as a primary Beauty blog, before I evolved it into what it is today. I am always looking for new beauty products to try, it’s a passion I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon, and I really don’t want to. I am not just talking about outside beauty products either, but even inside beauty. That’s something I am still striving for and trying to achieve.

C is For… Cat and Coffee

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Well I love Mordechai he’s a cat even if he can be a little butt some (okay a lot) of the time, but I love his little hairy butt. I am also a avid Cat fashion lover. If it has a cat on it somewhere, I will want it. Also… Coffee! I love coffee, I may drink way too much of it, but I love it none the less. Give me a nice Cold brew or a hot pumpkin spice and I’ll be your friend forever.

What are your ABC’s?

First offical Day of Autumn


Summer is officially over.

Fall is here and with it, it brings Browns and oranges, Cooler Weather and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. My favorite Season is Fall, the colors, the clothing and the cooler weather is what I love.

Wrapping myself in a soft scarf with matching hat and gloves are just little pleasures that let me enjoy life. I am especially looking forward to the cooler weather. I like to bundle myself up or cuddle with my pets and husband.

The heat drives me insane sometimes. I can’t sleep, I get lazy, I just want to sit and eat ice cream all freaking day. It’s not acceptable.

What’s your fave season?