Fitness: Downward Dog Yoga App


I’ve been lazy everyone. Not just in a ‘Oh I will do it tomorrow’ kind of lazy but in a ‘Never gonna do it’ kind of lazy. Why? Well Motivation is a big factor, also it’s hot, I work full time and go to school, plus it just takes way too much time for me to do anything. Honestly those are just excuses I keep using and I really need to stop.


I found a way to get some fitness in while still maintaining all of my work. I’ve sort of stumbled upon Downward Dog app. Honest I thought it had to do with real dog before I realized it was a Yoga position (I am just a little slow). I decided to try it out even if it wasn’t about actual dogs or have any pictures of puppies or anything. I am so glad I did too because I really like it. It was super easy to sign up and although you have to be a member ($2.99 a month) to access most of the features, it is worth a try especially if your a beginner. 2016-09-09-00-36-06

I became a member and I was able to set the pace I want, change the difficulty and control the music. Can I just say that I was surprised which the music selection, they have accoustic when your in a soothing mood, or some beats to get your blood pumping. Another reason I paid to be a member was so I could control the length of times, which is anywhere from 10 minutes to 90 minutes depending on your difficulty. 2016-09-07-22-49-58

The Yogi Adrienne Kimberley has a very soothing voice and is very clear with her instruction on each position, if you have trouble following along with verbal instructions the screen will show the positions. I do Yoga before I shower at night as it is very relaxing to my body and helps me sleep.

I recommend this app to anyone who likes their fitness with mobility.

Have any favorite fitness apps?