Ramblings: Emergency Room

Hey Kittens,

So far 2015 hasn’t been the fresh start I was hoping it would bring. After having to cancel my Chicago Vacation and having more bills than I can pay in January, I added Emergency Room visit to the growing list of Cons to 2015.

As I have mentioned before I suffer from Chronic Migraines. Lately I’ve been getting them more frequently, and I can’t seem to find the trigger for them. On Thursday around 2:30 I started getting a headache, hoping to bite it in the bud I took some Advil. By 5:30 a Migraine was forming, being no stranger to a migraine I shut off all lights and laid down in bed.

8 pm came around and I started getting nauseous and after throwing up I started shaking uncontrollably, I started panicking when  I had difficulty breathing. So after thinking about it off to the Emergency I go.

There’s something just depressing about the waiting room at a hospital Emergency. Maybe it’s what it represents but there is no way that you can have any sort of positive outlook in a hospital waiting room. The Doctors and Nurses were nice and seemed to actually care for my well being but they had no idea what was wrong with me.

They gave me a IV to hydrate along with 5 other types of medicine, once I was stable I was discharged and told to follow up with my primary care doctor so she can run any needed test.

I am still not feeling 100% but I’m getting better. I hope that this was just a bizarre episode and that this won’t happen again.

Have you had any ER visits? or any bad 2015 happenings?

My Name is Kimberly and I’m a Grinch.

Bah! Humbug kittens!

So Christmas really is my least favorite time of the year. My Heart does not grow three sizes . I am not suddenly overwhelmed with the spirit of Christmas and hug poor crippled kids named Tim. In fact, I change the station when a Christmas song comes on and I walk away from Conversations regarding Christmas shopping.

I did not used to be this way, when I was a lot younger I loved Christmas because it meant spending time with family and having fun, as I got older it seems that all of the magic I once thought Christmas to be, disappeared.

All Christmas reminds me of now is horrible music, consumerism sidelining my favorite holiday (Thanksgiving is #1!) and Heavy traffic all the time! During Christmas season I barely even want to leave my house!

Alright so enough about how I would be the perfect person to cast for Ebeneezer here’s an update. I just finished my finals for the semester (I passed BTW!) and I have Three whole weeks until I have to go back again (WooHoo!) so I apologize for not being able to update as much due to studying and whatnot but I am back and I am going to focus a lot my efforts into this blog while I have to the time.

I am also going to be focusing my efforts on better managing my time, since an important part of running a blog is time management and I have sort of let that run away from me, but I will recapture that silly white rabbit if it is the last thing I do.

So cheers and kisses!


C. Booth Mimosa Honeysuckle Shaving Oil Review

C. Booth Shaving oil


I am always looking new things to try out and while perusing around Rite Aid the other day I found C. Booth Mimosa Honeysuckle Shaving Oil. I’ve never heard of this brand before but it did catch my attention with it’s old school styling. Plus It’s a shaving oil and I’ve never tried that before.

I decided to use it while shaving my legs, and I decided that I absolutely love this stuff. It doesn’t clog up my razor like most shaving creams do and it makes my skin super soft. Plus I had minimal razor burn (my skin is sensitive to a razor)

Taken from Freeman Website:

‘This ultra-nourishing shave oil delivers what messy, drying creams just can’t! Apply for superior conditioning that nourishes , softens the hair, enhances razor glide, and guards against ingrown hairs. A bubbly blend of Champagne Grapes, Grapefruit, and Orange are topped off with the sweet scent of trumpet Honeysuckle.’

The one thing I don’t like so much is the scent. It’s not really citrus and not really honeysuckle it’s a weird mixture of both that somewhat assaults my sense of smell. However, just be warned that I am very sensitive to smells.

Another thing that bothers me is the size of the bottle, it’s a bit too small and I have a feeling that I will be using this up pretty fast, at least it’s not very expensive so I don’t mind too much, I just wish it was bigger.

Have you ever tried C. Booth Mimosa Honeysuckle shaving oil? What do you use to shave your legs?

Ain’t nobody dope as me I’m just so fresh and so clean! Not Soap, Radio ‘Bubbles, Not Carbs’ Exfoliating shower gel review



So I heard of Not Soap, Radio from Birchbox (See Post HERE) and I pretty much fell in love. I decided to purchase the Bubbles, Not Carbs Temptation Resistance Exfoliating body wash because I am trying to lose weight and I just really like the message on the bottle. The ingredients include Aloe Vera Gel, Shea Butter, and Avocado oil and the scent is so pleasant with hints of mandarin and guava two smells I absolutely love.

From Not Soap, Radio website;

Put down that cookie, step away from the refrigerator and into warm bubbles infused with orange and horse chestnut extracts said to tone and firm skin and help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Tune in, bliss out, slough off: During bath or shower, apply a small handful to loofah or lather directly onto damp skin and gently massage in a circular motion. Dry skin, done, gone. Radiant, smooth skin in place. Perfect to use before shaving.
Discover you are better than that potato. You have the inner reserve and strength to conquer anything, slay any dragon, resist any cake. Fortitude in the face of fries. Emerge from the water finding you love yourself a little more than you did yesterday.’

It states that the scent helps reduce your craving for sweets and that Horse nut chestnut extract (which it also has) helps improve circulation and reduce cellulite. Fortunately for me I don’t have much cellulite or poor circulation so I can’t tell you if it helps on that front but as far as the temptation resistance goes well Thanksgiving just passed and I loaded up on Carbs causing me to gain Three Pounds (You guys should now be getting a hint on what my New Years Resolution is) but I’m not sure if that is just circumstance (Hello, It’s Thanksgiving you gotta eat!) or what.

I can tell you though that after washing my body with this I feel smoother than a baby’s bottom and I smell so Fresh and so Clean that I think Outkast pretty much made that song about me. I am definitely loving this stuff! I will be purchasing more from them in the future to try other scents as well as pick me up a lotion of this stuff.

If you wanna check out what Not Soap, Radio has to offer check it out HERE

Have you tried Not Soap, Radio before?

Clairol Volume infused Shampoo &Conditioner Review

Clairol Hair Food


Going to target for what was suppose to be a quick trip (it never is!) I realized I had to get new shampoo and Conditioner (which of course added another hour to my already LONG visit). I’ve had no luck in the Hair department lately just using products that seem to damage my already fragile hair. I’ve had breakage, oily hair, split ends and flat hair and it seems that no matter what I use it doesn’t help.Seeing Clairol Hair food Infused volume shampoo and conditioner I was intrigued and so picked up the duo and headed towards checkout.

I am so happy I picked this up, not only does my hair have more volume but it feels softer and more manageable, plus it smells amazing. So amazing even my husband loves the smell and he doesn’t like anything. I am so happy I picked this duo up! I’ve been using it for a week and a half and the results are great. I am definitely going to keep using this!

Have you ever tried Clairol Hair food? What do you currently use on your hair now?


An American Girl! Thread & Supply Freedom Jacket

Hey Cats!

So I’ve been looking for a denim jacket everywhere! I checked every place I could think of, when I thought I would just have to abandon the search and have to spend my fall denim(jacket)-less but I was triumphant!

Thread & Supply had the perfect Denim Jacket that makes me hear Tom Petty and the Heart breakers each time I wear it! Awesome!

Freedom Jacket DSC_0711


First of all, Let me say I love this Jacket.

Second of all, for my slightly deranged look. I am getting over a cold and I got bit by something on my cheek.

Third of all, Love you guys!

Do you have a denim jacket you love?

When the dog wants to play…. a Ruined #OOTD

Hey Cats!

So Yesterday I went to an insurance seminar for work. When I go to meetings and seminars I am allowed to wear clothes other than my scrubs and this post was meant to be a #OOTD show casing what I wore. Now despite how much I love fashion, I am not a fashion blogger and I don’t have a photographer willing to take pictures of me. So OOTD consists of just My Camera, A tripod and me. I set the camera on a timer and run quickly to the spot I set up for the picture. Although it was nice outside yesterday I didn’t how the time to set everything up outside so I set up in a small space in my bedroom. Now with school and everything play time with Tesla has decreased, I don’t ignore her I just can’t spend 5 hours playing with her.

So the photo session started out well…

DSC_0641 DSC_0650Tesla then decided it was play time….

DSC_0640 DSC_0646 DSC_0644


So I resigned myself that it was not getting done…

DSC_0643 DSC_0647 DSC_0648 DSC_0649 DSC_0652 DSC_0653 DSC_0655


Then of course I had to see what the other one was doing….

DSC_0656 DSC_0659 DSC_0661





Hey Cats!

So one of my favorite foods to eat is Korean BBQ. All you can eat meat that can be cook anyway you like. My husband and I have a favorite place we venture called King BBQ (formerly Mugabuka).


This place may seem a little Iffy on the outside but the inside is very nice with small or large tables depending on your group. We love coming here with large groups of people and the service is great. The servers are so nice and they like to joke around which creates such a fun and relaxed atmosphere. When we come here with a big group we like to spend Hours here and we never get mean looks or are asked to leave. Although it is a little pricey I think it is worth it!

WP_20140906_001 WP_20140906_008 WP_20140906_002 WP_20140906_003WP_20140906_009WP_20140906_005 WP_20140906_006WP_20140906_007Located on Lomita Blvd in the city of Lomita it’s definitely a place we will keep going to!


A Love Affair

Hey Cool Cats.

Sit down, relax and get comfortable. Let me tell you about a love affair that has lasted 27 years. Now cats, let me warn you this post might be long and I’ve thought of how to put this love into words and it has been incredibly difficult but now I think I can finally literate the feelings.

27 years ago we met, I was new to this world and did not quite know what to make of it. To be honest I barely knew you existed, I mean I’ve seen you around was a little curious but I didn’t know what to make of you so I didn’t bother. My mother actually introduced us, at the time I think she liked you more than I did. She would always play with you, try new things with you while I just sat there and looked on not knowing what to do or say. It was a couple of months later when I realized how gorgeous you are.

Friday, March 21, 2014 00001 00001

You were blonde with curls and oh so soft. I remember petting you, I also remember my mother smacking my hand away. It didn’t matter I knew you were mine and I would sneak off just to play with you and ‘experiment’ most of the time I would get in trouble because I would try cutting you with scissors or coloring you with a marker. I think one time I even poured chocolate sauce on you.

Friday, March 21, 2014 00001 00003

One day my grandmother cut you away, as I watched the blonde curls fall I mourned the loss sobbing relentlessly. A couple of years went by and you eventually turned darker yet I still loved you, you were so full of life and bounce I couldn’t let you go. Others fell in love with you as well, but I knew they couldn’t have you. Once a girl in class got jealous and tried to hurt you, she would tease me horribly about you but I wouldn’t give up, I wouldn’t give you up.

Friday, March 21, 2014 00001 00002

As we grew older we experimented more, you were dyed purple and I had cut you myself. I then bleached you of your color. It was a blast I don’t think we’ve ever had that much fun, I don’t think I could have loved you more. I remember taking you to the beach, and you had sand everywhere! I don’t think I’ve ever see you have that much sand and I had to wash you multiple times because the sand just wouldn’t be gone. I’m laughing now just thinking about it, that didn’t stop us though did it? I think we went to the beach every day that summer and as my skin got darker you just kept getting lighter and lighter.

Friday, March 21, 2014 00001 00006

Before I knew it we were both adults, the years had turned to decades and yet you were still by my side. You seen me through the ‘What did we just do?’ to the “How Amazing is that?’ and I just knew we could never be parted. You’ve never judged me just stayed near, offered to be the blanket when the awkwardness got to much and my friends disappeared. When I thought I was all alone and that I had no one to love me, but you love me. 

Friday, March 21, 2014 00001 00007

You were one of the reasons I started this blog, you inspire me. You make me want to be a better woman, a better person.

Friday, March 21, 2014 00001 00004

But lately there’s been something wrong, I can tell. Somehow along the way, we lost touch with each other. We didn’t get along, we frustrated each other to no end. I thought that maybe it was me, maybe it was something I did, maybe I had upset you in someway. Whatever it was it drained you of life. You were limp and dry, literally breaking at the ends and I didn’t know how to stop it. I bought you things, tried to force life into your breathless body, but it didn’t work. Finally just feeling hopeless, I did something I have never done since I was little girl, I let someone else play with you. I let someone else decide how to treat you. I was nervous and I felt tears bite the back of my eyes, but it was the only way. The only thing I had yet to try. 


I think it worked. You feel more alive than ever and the love that I thought was diminishing blossomed again. For the first time in a long time we are both happy and I feel that grief lift off my shoulders, that black hole that was slowing growing get filled in. I love you hair, I love you so much and I know that well be okay. 

Finished product tell me what you think!
Finished product tell me what you think!

So in other words cats, I got a completely new haircut for spring. This is the first time in a long time that my hair has been this short. what do you all think?