Fashion is important no matter where you go!*

I like clothes, I think we’ve established that in the years I’ve been blogging. Gym clothes are no exception. I need to look stylish while being comfortable and sometimes that is a super hard thing to do. No only do the clothes have to fit, but they have to absorb sweat, not be see through (surprisingly this is hard to find.  So when offered to try these black Dawn Raid Capri workout pants I sort of jumped at the opportunity.

This capris do run small so it was a little discouraging when I had to order a size up and it still being slightly smaller than expected. The one pleasant thing I will add though is that the pants are not see-through so squatting and yoga will not be a problem! They are a magnet for lint and hair so if you are particular about being lint free you may want to bring a roller. With 2 cats and a dog I am quite used to having some sort of hair on me at all times (sometimes I is my own sooo…)

The pants are a very dark black that has yet to fade from washing, I am able to stretch in the pants despite them being tighter than I am used to. They are actually super comfortable and softer than I expected. Despite them being advertised as high waist, I found them to be more of a medium waist. This annoyed me a bit, but I got over it. Overall, these are comfy, stretchy and opaque, exactly what workout pants should be.

If you would like to order the pants you can do so HERE

The Right Frame of Mind

I don’t know how many posts I’ve made talking about trying to lose weight and well every time I tried to start taking up fitness I did it for all the wrong reasons and so my frame of mind was not in a place where I could start such an en-devour.

Now however I am not obsessed with the shedding of pounds, I don’t hope for a instant miracle and I’m not holding back happiness (and food) so that I can try to lose a pound.

This time I just want to be healthy.

I’m getting up there in age, so I know if I don’t turn things around now, it may be too late in the future. So I get up at 5 am (the only time I have available to workout), I joined a gym, which allows me access to their indoor pool and cardio machine. If I can I do a spin class (but sometimes they start a bit too late). I monitor my water intake because that has always been a problem for me. While I try to monitor portion control and what I eat, I don’t starve myself, I don’t skip meals and If I want something I eat it.

My main goal is just feeling better and being happy.



If The Kardashians can do it…*

No, I don’t want to be like the Kardashians (except I kinda do but not as annoying). The actual reason I’m writing this post is because I am trying out Waist Trainers which have recently been made a bit famous by the Kardashians. They eat, sleep and workout in these things and I have been given the chance to try one out.


I mostly wanted to use it as a way to sit up straighter. I am so many problems with my posture that has recently been coming back to bite my butt with lower back pains. So much so that It’s affecting my hips and walking. I am not even 30 yet, I really shouldn’t be having these types of problems.


So I sucked it in and got one. The Material is soft breathable and comfortable, I thought it would be a huge pain to put due to all the little hooks you have to fasten but it barely took me a minute (I’m thanking my years wearing  bra for this one). I though wearing it around during the summer would result in a sweaty uncomfortable mess of a body, but it didn’t make me feel any hotter than I should have been. The tiny holes in the fabric allow room for your body to breathe.


I really enjoyed wearing the corset, while I have a natural hourglass figure (you know when I actually show it off instead of wearing scrubs like I’m used to) it does define the shape of my body more. If you are looking for something to give you a hourglass figure definitely look for something like this. Plus it really does help with my back problems, as I have to sit up straighter and give my body the proper way to sit.


Two things to remember if your going to try a waist trainer. One, You need to train your body with it, don’t get it and immediately put it on and wear it all day. Start with a couple hours a day and gradually increase the duration each time. Two, this isn’t a magically fix it for your body. This won’t suddenly transform your shape into a Voluptuous vixen, This is there as a helper and motivator!

You can Purchase the one I’m using HERE

Have you Tried a waist Trainer? What do you think?

Fitness: Downward Dog Yoga App


I’ve been lazy everyone. Not just in a ‘Oh I will do it tomorrow’ kind of lazy but in a ‘Never gonna do it’ kind of lazy. Why? Well Motivation is a big factor, also it’s hot, I work full time and go to school, plus it just takes way too much time for me to do anything. Honestly those are just excuses I keep using and I really need to stop.


I found a way to get some fitness in while still maintaining all of my work. I’ve sort of stumbled upon Downward Dog app. Honest I thought it had to do with real dog before I realized it was a Yoga position (I am just a little slow). I decided to try it out even if it wasn’t about actual dogs or have any pictures of puppies or anything. I am so glad I did too because I really like it. It was super easy to sign up and although you have to be a member ($2.99 a month) to access most of the features, it is worth a try especially if your a beginner. 2016-09-09-00-36-06

I became a member and I was able to set the pace I want, change the difficulty and control the music. Can I just say that I was surprised which the music selection, they have accoustic when your in a soothing mood, or some beats to get your blood pumping. Another reason I paid to be a member was so I could control the length of times, which is anywhere from 10 minutes to 90 minutes depending on your difficulty. 2016-09-07-22-49-58

The Yogi Adrienne Kimberley has a very soothing voice and is very clear with her instruction on each position, if you have trouble following along with verbal instructions the screen will show the positions. I do Yoga before I shower at night as it is very relaxing to my body and helps me sleep.

I recommend this app to anyone who likes their fitness with mobility.

Have any favorite fitness apps?