Adulting 101: So your an Adult now?


So you 18 now huh? Finally old enough to realize you can make your own decisions and be able to shoulder more responsibility? Psh, trust me age is nothing but a number and to be honest it doesn’t mean Jack in the Real World.

Being 18 means nothing, I mean you can now buy Lotto and Cigarettes (Please don’t buy Cigarettes!) but it takes more than that to be considered an adult, trust me I know. I’ve been adulting for almost 11 years.

It’s Hard, real hard.

Adulting isn’t about age, it’s about responsibility, Attitude and goals. I was the unlucky type of adult having to make tough decisions I should not have had to make. If your lucky you won’t have to start adulting until your early twenties (any later than that and adulting may be too hard for you to do).

Well if your like me and adulting has come quicker than expected well let me try to help you!



Healthier Me: Kennocha Bay Teas!

*Products were given for a fair and unbiased review*

I’ve been wanted to drink more teas but I was not sure if I wanted a detox tea or just buy a mixed bunch. However when I saw the chance to try Kennocha Bays Skintox and Relax tea I jumped at the chance.

Skintox Tea

Kennocha Bay Skintox tea promotes Detoxification,Anti-aging, maintaining and protection of skin as well as much more. Skintx contains green ta and flower pollen (which is rich in anti-oxidants and amino acids) this tea takes 4-5 minutes to brew.

This tastes just like green tea to me, which I love to drink and do drink on a regular basis. I’ve actually noticed my skin looking fresher and less dry than normal which is hard to my skin during the winter months.

relax tea

The second tea I received is the Kennocha Bay Relax tea. this promotes De-stress, Detoxification and  restful sleep. I have a lot of troubled with my sleep and most nights I gt 3-5 hours max. Relax tea contains Chamomile, Saffron, Ginger root, Lemon grass and much more. It takes about 5-7 minutes to brew. This tea also smells so good!

The relax tea is much more bitter than the other tea, and I recommend added a bit of honey to make it a bit less harsh. This may be a bit hard to drink otherwise on non-tea drinkers. I was actually pretty surprised that this tea does actually relax me. I find that drinking the tea after a stressful day at work helps me unwind. I however do not see any changes to my sleep pattern sadly.

Both of these teas are great and I highly recommend both of them, especially the skintox tea!

If You would like to Purchase the Kennocha Bay Skintox Tea you can do that HERE.

You can also Purchase Kennocha Bay Relax Tea HERE.




10 Songs to Motivate your Workout!

So, hows that fitness resolution that you have been working on? If your like me then then it;s hard to get motivated to work out.

For me music and Motivation go hand in hand. It can make you feel the lowest of lows, or elevate you to the highest high.

Here are my top 10 motivating workout songs. (in no particular Order)

1 Vigiland Shots & Squats

2. Brittney Spears Work B**ch

3. Louis Prima Jump,Jive, An’wail

4. Fall out boy (Feat Demi Lovato) Irresistible

5. Olivia Newton John Physical

6. Beyonce Single Ladies

7. Elvis Crespo Suavemente

8. Salt & Pepper Push it

9. 2 Chains, Wiz Khalifa We Own it

10. Rachel Platten Fight Song

Hopefully this will motivate you to brave that cold and do what you need!


Stay Organized: Panda Planner

panda planner2016-01-05 17.38.57 2016-01-05 17.39.55-2 2016-01-05 17.40.15

So I’m trying to be more optimistic and also be organized in life so when I heard about Panda Planner it made me excited.

What is Panda Planner?

Panda planner is a Non-dated daily planner that has a weekly and monthly review. The planner claims to boost productivity, Develop better time management skills, achieve work-life balance and make you happier.

These are huge claims for something so small.

I love the weekly and daily review pages. I can see how this planner can help boost productivity. I would change the layout, instead of bunching all the weekly reviews together it should have 1 weekly review followed by 7 daily review pages and so on. Having to flip through it so much, especially since it’s not wire bound, makes it kind of hard to navigate and it doesn’t lie flat.

The one thing I really have a problem with is the fact that it only goes to 6 months. So I would have to buy 2 for a whole year. That’s too much!

Overall this planner is great and with hose organized I want to keep my life its (almost) perfect.



Currently Watching: M*A*S*H

First things first, I think I am in love with Alan Alda. There it’s off my chest!


So MASH, what can I say I’m addictive and I have 11 seasons to hold me. If you don’t know what MASH is, its a Comedy (DRAMA!!!!) about two doctor that were drafted in the army during the Korean war and who work in a MASH Unit (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital). I can say that I did expect it to be funny, however the amount of drama and real life issues they throw at you kinda threw me for a loop.

I haven’t cried yet though! (Hooray for me!)

For it being such a old show (it debuted in 1973) it doesn’t really feel so dated. I found myself laughing at most of the Jokes and falling in love with both Hawkeye and Trapper (Alan Alda’s Baby Blues!!!!). However being such a old show that it is, I pretty much know everything that happens!

I may be blabbering. #sorrynotsorry

I’m also very sick and under the influence of medicine (Drugs. Don’t do them kids)

The moral of this post is to let you know that I am enjoying this show, and maybe if you give it a chance you can too!



Life In Color; December Instagram

2015-12-03_1449114629 2015-12-11_1449805660 2015-12-11_1449805834 2015-12-15_1450209327
2015-12-16_1450236708 2015-12-16_1450240757 2015-12-17_1450361925 2015-12-19_1450551368 2015-12-22_1450808031 2015-12-22_1450815887 2015-12-23_1450840485 2015-12-23_1450842825 2015-12-23_1450890417 2015-12-23_1450904390 2015-12-24_1450943275 2015-12-27_1451187004 2015-12-27_1451252885 2015-12-29_1451365229 2015-12-30_1451496487 2015-12-31_1451523437 2015-12-31_1451529619

– Hot Cocoa, It’s been freezing
– Mordechai Had to Wear a Cone for a Whole Month after Surgery
– Tesla in Gorgeous Sweater
– Family
– Made a Minion Ginger Bread House
– Casa Sanchez with Live Mariachi Music
– The Love of my life
– Met Santa
– Game Night with Exploding Kittens
– New LA Coffee Mug (Fave Item)
– Wine Wednesday
– Fave Wine Glass from Valentia Paris. (His name is Notorious B.I.G)

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Christmas Traditions: Things I do every year

Hello Kittens!

So each and every year there are a couple of things I find my self doing around this time of the year. I can’t help it, it’s like ingrained into my soul! I must do each of these things or else it just does not feel the same. I’m sure you all have things like this as well, I know I’m not the only one!

  1. Watch Love Actually

    serveimage12I don’t really like most holiday movies (unless its hocus pocus during halloween because it’s pretty much a must watch!) but there’s something about this movie I need to watch every year. I know what happens, I know the good (and awful) things that are coming, yet every year I load the movie up because it’s just not Christmas unless I see Hugh Grant act like a sweet bumbling prime minister.

  2. Eat Lasagna.

    This is new and all my husband’s fault. It started the first year we started dating and it will happen this year as well. It’s tradition for us to spend Christmas with his family and eat steaming platefuls of homemade lasagna. Who am I to stop tradition?

  3. Open presents at Midnight on Christmas Eve.

    This one is a family tradition. My entire family gets together on Christmas Eve, We Party, We Drink, we make fools of ourselves (At least I do!) and we wait until midnight and open presents. I don’t think there was ever a year I didn’t do this.

  4. Bake/Make Sweets

    2015-12-23 12.18.44
    This year I made a Ginger Bread Minion House with my Nephew, Last year I tried my hand at Fudge, and the year before that was cookies. Every year I make something sweet and Christmas related. You must think Why, when I don’t really like sweets? Well to be honest I don’t know, but the Martha Stewart that hides inside of be demands that I do.

So even though Christmas is my least favorite holiday and I don’t wrap presents well, and I always get so frustrated this time of year, I do find myself having Christmas Traditions.

Are there any traditions you find yourself doing this time of year?



New Blog Name?

Hey Kittens!

So I am not sure if you notice, but the blogs name has changed! Socially Awkward Fashionista did not seem to suit me and kinda always bothered me so I changed it. My new blog name is ‘Up A Nelms Tree’ Let me know what you think! I’m trying to revamp this blog a bit for all my viewers and this is just the first step. I have a lot more in store.





Stuff I don’t have money for, but still think I need. AKA Wishlist

Hey Kittens!

So I’m broke as everyone knows, but it’s the holiday season and although I’m not buying doesn’t mean I can’ ‘Window shop’. So here’s a list of things I can’t afford but I want anyway. Read more