Bookishly October Unboxing


Yes I know I am extremely late with this post but I have been so busy with the move I have not gotten the chance to open it, but here it is, better late than never.

Dont know what Bookishly is?

Bookishly is A surprise vintage paperback and delicious ground coffee through the post each month. You’ll receive a different 75g bag (4-5 cups) of freshly roasted medium ground coffee each month, along with a vintage book from our library. There’s no stationery in this version of the subscription


I ordered this because it a book subscription with coffee. You know I love Coffee. I knew the books were vintage too however I was disappointed that I couldn’t pick the genre, however I took a chance.

First I loved the coffee which is a Tanzania Kilimanjaro Peaberry. It’s the type of coffee that when you brew it causes the whole house to just warm up with the smells. It smells SOOOOO good, with Maple and Nutmeg. It taste good too!

I really liked the bookmark, I tend to collect bookmarks so this is a nice addition to my collection. Too bad it says Cocoa and not coffee.


Book Synopsis (from GoodReads)

To Arthur Seaton, Key worker on a lathe in a Nottingham cycle factory, life is one long battle with authority. You don’t need to give Arthur more than one chance to do the Government or trick the foreman.

And when the day’s work is over, Arthur is off to the pubs, raring for adventure. He is a warrior of the bottle and the bedroom – his slogan is ‘If it’s going, it’s for me’ – for his aim is to cheat the world before it can cheat him. And never is the battle more fiercely joined than on Saturday night.

But Sunday morning is the time of reckoning, the time for facing up to life – the time, too, you run the risk of getting hooked!

Arthur is no exception.

The cover has a cool vintage look which I like. However I don’t buy books for the cover alone. Reading the synopsis just doesn’t suit my fancy. I think I will have this book just sitting in my to read pile until I finally just say ‘screw it’ and try to read it. I’m hoping the book turns out okay. I am a little disappointed in what I got. The book does have some wear and tear and it reminds of a book I can get at the library sales for a quarter.

I am going to give Bookishly one more month to make things right. It seems that the only reason to pay for the subscription is for the coffee, since they failed so horribly with the book. Maybe November’s bookishly would be a lot better.

I Read! Leviathan Wakes Book Review

I heard about the Syfy Television show for a while now, I am have been meaning the watch it. When I learned it was a book I knew I wanted to read the book first. Leviathan Wakes is the first out of nine planned books with seven already out and ready to be read. So as you can see I am a bit late to the game.



James Holden, one out of the two main characters of the book, is an Earther and the second in command of the ship the Canterbury. The second main character is Miller, a belter detective given a case to find the missing Julie. Holden and Miller are opposites, but play off each other so well. Holden a righteous do-gooder who accidentally starts a war and Miller the  reluctant anti-hero. In the beginning I very much like Holden, he seemed like he cared for his crew and was just trying to do what was right, but then along the way his self-righteousness took away his ability to sit down and think what the best plan of action was. There were times that I wanted to jump into the book grab him and shake him and just yell ‘Stop and Think!’ Of course I would probably get shot by his crew with how loyal they are.

Miller on the other hand was my type of guy, although he was pretty much loosing it at the end of the book. Miller didn’t have the naive thoughts that Holden did, being a detective he had the ability to take a step and think about the situation. Although some of this was done in a almost clinical detachment sort of way, that one would probably say he is a loose cannon. Both Abraham and Franck do a amazing job of setting up their galaxy without taking away from the story or characters. I will be reading the second book ‘Caliban’s War’, I am just not sure if I will be reading it right away or read another book in between.

If you like are looking for a good Sci-Fi series to start look no further.

Fallen: A fractured retelling of THE FROG PRINCE Book Review


First of all let me just say that it is completely right in a ‘fracture retelling’. I feel like the author jumps around way too much with her chapters which is sort of confusing. Does it mean the book is bad? No it does not.


Hunter is very imaginative, I must admit and she paints pictures with her words. I didn’t know this when I started reading the book that this is a series. The Frog Prince is the 3rd out of 4 books. If you decide to read this book definitely read the first two as you may feel just as lost as I did if you don’t.  I typically like dark stories, and I felt I would have loved it if I read the first two books, which I may go and read just so I have a better understanding of this one.


Do you like dark fantasy books? Then read the series (starting with the first book The Subtle Beauty)




The Hunger by: Michael D. Young

Hey so it’s been a while since I have read a book and posted a review, but I am back in the game!

Today I bring to you, The Hunger by Michael D. Young




So this book was a bit hard to follow at first. Young seems to have this whole world mapped out yet seems to have left his readers in the dark. However the more I read the better I took to understanding the magically world that Young is trying to weave around us. Azil the first character you meet is seemed a bit vain at first mostly thinking of his fashion sense and a party he must attend that evening, things do start to get interesting when a assassin is sent to kill him, from there we are wrapped up in a Wizardly adventure.

To be honest I was a bit bored of the story at first, however it picked up it’s pace around the 6th chapter and I started to get more interested. My favorite character was Evelet, she was badass. I do recommend this book if you like fantasy adventures however keep reading past the first couple of chapters, it does get good!



Typo; Erasable Highlighter Review

Typo Erasable Highlighters WP_20150212_003 WP_20150212_004

Hey Kittens!

So I’m pretty crazy for stationary and if you saw my recent typo haul you know I try to go all out. One of the things I purchased was the erasable highlighter. I’ve never seen these before so I had to get me some and so far they work great! I tend to sometimes go a litttle highlighter crazy and when looking at my notes it sore of hard to distinguish what is important and what is not. These can erase what isn’t important and  I can get back on track. A plus side is there’s no smell either, they are non-toxic and with names like ‘Tickled Pink’ and ‘Blazing Yellow’ you know you gotta have it.