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Hey Everyone,

I’ve been gone for a while, not because I wanted to trust me. There were just some real-life issues that got in the way. One was that my depression had hit an all-time low causing me to lack the energy to do anything, much less get up in the morning. My medication is really helping me out so I got that under control now. Also, school was just really breaking my back this semester, I feel like I have so much homework and exams I just can’t focus. Plus I kinda get test stressed and well it freaks me out.

Another huge thing is that we are currently trying to buy a house. Anyone who has ever done this will know exactly how much time (and stress!) goes into this. We put an offer on a house and hopefully we will have it by the 31st! I am seriously so excited (and scared). If everything goes smoothly I’ll hopefully be posting pictures soon! I have such big plans and I really can’t wait to share with you all!

One thing that I am doing to sort of help me get back in the blogging rhythm is I made a Beauty Instagram! It’s a lot easier for me to post pictures than plan update and write a blog. Doing this though has re-established my love for beauty and I think I’ve sort of stepped away from that and well I need to start getting back on that.

I am still debating if I want to add fashion to this or not. What do you all think?

25. 08. 2017

*Thanks to Vivo Per Lei for letting me try their mud mask!*

I am a mask addict, and I love mud mask in particular. The thick and heaviness on my face makes me actually feel like I am actively trying to take care of myself. Is that weird? Probably. I wanted to try a mud clay mask for a while but most are extremely expensive and well I am pretty drained for cash at the moment. My skin however, could not wait. The summer heat and sweat were clogging my pores and I swear they grew twice the size overnight. Vivo Per Lei Mineral Mud Clay Mask is thick, easily applied, and best of all inexpensive.

What’s in It?

Bentonite Clay- This clay has rich minerals that has been used in popular European detoxing masks. It helps draw out impurities while keeping the skin purified and rejuvenated.

Bamboo Charcoal- Also helps in detoxing, it helps cleanse the skin while exfoliating.

Kaolin Clay- The superstar of the bunch, This clay helps remove dead skin cells while promoting new cell formation and reduces sebum production

The clay felt great on my sensitive skin and I had no redness after applying. It went on smoothly, and while it took a bit longer than I would have liked to dry it didn’t hinder me from doing anything. (except touching my face) It can get everywhere if your not careful.

If you would like to purchase the mask you can do so HERE

I don’t know how many posts I’ve made talking about trying to lose weight and well every time I tried to start taking up fitness I did it for all the wrong reasons and so my frame of mind was not in a place where I could start such an en-devour.

Now however I am not obsessed with the shedding of pounds, I don’t hope for a instant miracle and I’m not holding back happiness (and food) so that I can try to lose a pound.

This time I just want to be healthy.

I’m getting up there in age, so I know if I don’t turn things around now, it may be too late in the future. So I get up at 5 am (the only time I have available to workout), I joined a gym, which allows me access to their indoor pool and cardio machine. If I can I do a spin class (but sometimes they start a bit too late). I monitor my water intake because that has always been a problem for me. While I try to monitor portion control and what I eat, I don’t starve myself, I don’t skip meals and If I want something I eat it.

My main goal is just feeling better and being happy.



When a box comes to your door filled to the brim with snacks, it makes your day 10 times better. OF course I soon as I opened my box of goodies, the hubby decides he wants to immediately grab all he wants and eats them while your back is turned. After the ambush, I was surprised at how much was still left in the box (he took quite a bit)

There’s Chips, Dips, and bars which a lot of other things that I can’t wait to try. So if you looking for something for yourself or need a healthy snack for your kids this HERE is the place to go.

It’s been a while since I’ve used a sheet mask. I just haven’t had the time to really relax like I need, but this Sunday I made time to do a little pampering with TONYMOLY Broccoli vitality mask. I wanted a pick me up for my face since I feel it has a bit dull. The mask itself didn’t really smell like anything which I loved, it was also was very gentle and hydrating on my skin. I know I need to do this a lot more, especially since it’s summer and I’ve been working out everyday and my face gets dirty and clogged.

Summer is here and boy do I feel it. The temperature and been in the 90s and the AC has been running more than I want (for the animals sake). Sephora knows this is so they choose to send me some products that hopefully will help in this heat.

The bag is so cute this month, and it sort of goes a long with my state of mind. I have been swimming every week and I love it.

The first product I pulled out I was a bit disappointed in, I have so many samples of Benefit POREfessional face primer than I know what to do with. Yeah I know it works well but EVERY SINGLE BOX loves to give me tons of it. I mean come on, I’d like to try out different primers every once in a while.

I don’t use Make up setting spray but I think I probably should especially since this one by Coola is SPF 30.  It seems a little weird to spray your face after putting make up all over it, and considering that you should reapply every too hours makes it a little tedious to use, but the question is… Does it work?

I am no longer a drive a way from the ocean, a river maybe but the sea breeze and soft grainy sand will not be felt on my toes when I get a whimsy. So I guess I will have to use this Sea Spray by Verb to try to capture the feel of the salty water in my hair. Oh how I miss it.

I love Kat Von D cosmetics so getting this Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in  Lovesick is great. Plus this stuff has lasting power, it took such a long time to get the color off my hand when I swatched it that I have to make sure I put this stuff on carefully. The color is great to I can’t wait to wear it.

I am so happy I got this, I’ve been using Dry Shampoo like crazy so to get some especially from a brand I love is great and I can’t wait to see how it works!

I have been having major allergies lately so my nose has been stuffed, so because of that I have yet to really smell what BVLGARI Omina Crystalline smells like. In the description it has hints of lotus Flower, Nashi, and Balsa wood. Don’t know what any of those smell like so it should be fun

This box was pretty good and I can’t wait to see what next month brings. What do you all think?

14. 06. 2017

Lately I have been so busy! I started my pace summer classes so that is taking up so much time, but not only that I started a new job. So far I’ve been doing good and I just wanted to let you all know.

With this new job I am working full time and I am able to actually dress up for it. I really want to show you all what I am wearing for it since I’ve been really into style and fashion lately. I hope I’ll be doing a haul soon since I bought some new shoes and I just want to show you all what I bought. Don’t expect designer though since I have like zero spending cash right now. I need to get that paycheck.

I am thinking of trying some fashion subscriptions, anyone know of any they recommend, I’ve tried Golden Tote and love it but I am just wondering if there are any others.



I don’t use Facebook very often, but since I don’t live around all my family anymore I scroll through it every once in a while to check on things. Once I’ve seen how my cousins kids are, find out whose engaged and where this person ate I then start to hit that section of Facebook that makes me regret opening the social media app in the first place.I

You know that dark back alley of Facebook that leads to Animal Abuse, Fist Fight videos and Political views that make me want to rip my hair out. It’s that not so special place that sky rockets my anxiety and stress and makes me loose faith in humanity. I know that I could block it, but I get sucked in and by the time I realize to do it I am so mentally drained that I just shut it all down.


Really I should delete it, but it’s how I communicate with some people. When you live a couple of states away from your family and friends that I can’t really afford to delete it. That’s what makes me hate it so much, that I want to delete it but I can’t and Grrr….

Thats really the only way I can describe myself after thinking about Facebook.

23. 05. 2017


Sorry about the not posting but planning a trip in a day, then packing, Making sure the animals are taken care of took priority over scheduling my blog posts. Oh, where did we go? Well back home to California, with a pit stop in Vegas. My bestie graduated this weekend and last minute we got confirmation that we can go.

Wow was it the best and worse experience of this year.

First off, halfway on the drive down to Vegas the hubby got sick suddenly, fever, exhaustion, and nausea hit all at once and I had to take over the long weary drive while he passed out in the passenger seat.

Secondly the hotel was not the best hotel that we checked into. Now I don’t usually stay at 5 star hotels because of budget but this was a 2 at best, but honestly what did we expect when your on a budget and need a hotel room in 2 days in Vegas, you can’t be picky.

We then got up very early in the morning to make the long drive to Southern California where we visited the Parents. We then attended the party where I may or may not have acted appropriately, but it was amazing to see all my friends and act like I don’t like 14 hours away.

We then took the long drive back to Vegas where we passed out. When we awoke the next morning it was my turn to be sick so much so that I immediately passed out when we came home and did not get up until 6:30 the next day.

This weekend was a freaking whirlwind….

08. 05. 2017


Everyday I wake up to a tiny grey paw in my face..

This is Mordechai my grey tiger striped tabby cat. He is hungry and wants food now. I roll myself out of bed and get him a can of his digestive health wet food. Tesla then comes bolting out of the bedroom because ‘How dare mommy not pay her attention first’ she then, after scolding me, waits patiently by the back door to be let out for her morning bathroom break. After they are settled and fed I proceed to make myself a couple cups of coffee in our old school coffee maker.

Our Keurig decided to quit and walked out on me.

I have to be careful when making my coffee. I only allow myself two cups, since that one time I drank a whole pot and felt like I wanted to puke and simultaneously run a 5k without stopping. I then load two pieces of white bread into my toaster that is on it’s last leg. I have a feeling he’s going to join the Keurig soon. After I butter my toast and poor my coffee into my husband’s mug.

I am forbidden to use this mug but I continue to do so because I have my rebellious reasons, I may be 30 but I need my stubborn child side sometimes.

I then settle down to either do one of two things.; I read or type a blog post. This morning blogging won out as I have some motivation and I refuse to let that leave me. Since I’ve decided to write four blogs I need to make sure that take every opportunity presented to me. When this is done I browse Instagram for a while until I am ready to take my shower and dress.

Then it’s time to start running errands.

What do you do on the morning of your day off?


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