#WorkoutWednesday 1 minute Yoga Challenge

So as you all know I am doing the 50 squat challenge on Darebee but I am doing two more challenges as well.

This is the one minute yoga challenge. Each day you get a pose and you have to hold that pose for at least 60 seconds, this is of course in addition to my normal Yoga Routine that I will also be doing. I just like to break the monotomy every once in a while.

Next week I’ll tell you all about my last challenge.

#ManicureMonday 2

So I’ve been wanting pink nails for a while but they did not seem right for the holiday season. Now, the holidays are over I can have pink nails! I recently purchase this gem from Essence called the gel nail polish in Dreaming of love? for 50 cents.

The color is gorgeous and it went on my nails very smooth. It has a wide flat brush for easy application, which I love. The formula however, doesn’t last very long as I already have chips on my right hand nails, I can’t fault it though because of the price.

#SerenitySaturday Routines and Grateful for Spouse

Establishing a routine is pretty important, which I am starting to learn the older I get. I used to rebel against routines, thinking they were for boring people. I can see why people would want routines now, they make sure your day isn’t messy, that you can actually remember to do things. Overall, they do provide your life with stability and anyone who has suffered any mental health problems will know how much stability means.

There are days that I make me feel useless, but when I participate in a routine (lets say something simple like my morning routine) then I don’t feel as useless as I would. I think establishing small easy routines throughout your day can really make a difference.

The Second Week – Grateful for spouse

Having been with someone for 15 year is crazy, but when you really love someone you can’t imagine ever being without that person. That is how I feel about my husband. He truly is my rock and the one person I can give my trust to and know that he would never break it. He seems to know exactly what I need and when I need it and I am truly grateful for him in my life.

#WorkoutWednesday! 50 Squats Challenge

So one of my New Year’s Resolutions are to exercise more, so I decided I want to try doing challenges. My Favorite Fitness Website darebee has tons of Challenges to choose from I chose 3 for this month which I will showcase throughout January!

So this challenge is just to do 50 squats a day. You can split them up throughout the day or do them all at once. While they don’t do anything like giveaways for completing a challenge I still like to see if I can do them. I also try to do the Extra Credit. I figure 50 squats shouldn’t be too hard to try out, but we will see at the end of the month how it turns out .

Spending Ban…and a Pan Project

Last month I spent way too much money, mostly on presents for others but i did take advantage of a lot of the sales to buy myself some stuff. I decided that I will put spending on a little hiatus.

Now when I mean spending ban I mean buy things I don’t need, like that makeup palette that was half price. Instead, I want to rediscover what I have and that means using what I have, and what is the perfect solution to using my products?

That’s right a Pan Project!

This will mostly be on my Instagram account but I will be posting updates monthly on here as well. I will need to go through my stash and pick what I want to use and also toss what I don’t like. There is no use keeping something that I can like using.

Is anyone else on a spending ban?


This #SkincareSunday won’t be focusing on a product, but rather a vow I am making for myself this year. Last year I got too lax in my skincare routine resulting in my skin loosing a lot of it’s luster. My skin is dull, rough in texture and more sensitive than ever. As a result, I am not happy with how it is.

This year I will be trying to correct this. I feel like it’s going to be a uphill battle with my skin this year, but I am not going to let that get in my way. While I am going to try new products, I want to focus on giving my skin the love that it needs. Because it (and I) are worth it.

#SerenitySaturday The 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge

Yes, I know I am doing so many challenges this year! This one is different though. While perusing around the blogosphere I stumbled upon this challenge on Local Adventurer and I thought it would be nice to not only do but to share with you all as well.

1. Why Start this challenge?

The reason why I want to start this challenge is because I think there are a lot of things that I take for granted. Also, I believe this will help me because more positive and help me develop a health outlook on the life I have.

Beauty Inventory?

So how do you all keep track of your beauty products? I have so much that it can be a little overwhelming if you look at it all together. That is why I decided to inventory my beauty products, it part of my New Year’s Resolution to be more organized.

In doing this I can keep track of how much I bought it for, What brand and color it is, as well as how I rate it, and if I would repurchase. I’ve seen some other things you can do that I was thinking of like swatches, color range, and average ratings.

If you are not savvy to Excel or just don’t want something like this you can use an app like Sortly to get help you. I know you can scan barcodes and people say it is pretty easy. I don’t use it because you do have to pay, and I find it relaxing just to do things myself. I also find it easier to because I can evolve my inventory list to suite my needs and I can add and change things how often I like.

Lifestyle: Trying that Bumble BFF Life…again

I’ve mentioned before that I tried Bumble BFF and now I actually made a couple of friends and also have a monthly book club that I go to, but honestly it isn’t enough.

Well if that wasn’t enough why didn’t you keep with it?

It’s all entirely my fault. I never kept with it because I just forgot about it. Life kept coming and I got caught up in school. Now I want that to change, how am I suppose to keep my New Year Resolution of Meeting new people, if I don’t try to meet new people?

I am hoping to try to connect to people I have not talked to in a while on Bumble, plus I really need to get out more. Sometimes, I feel like I am becoming a recluse.