I am here!


So, I wanted to redesign my blog to suit how I want to be rebranded. Unfortunately, it’s taking longer than I would like. I wanted to have a grand opening, but I decided instead of letting my blog sit unused I wanted to start posting again! Well it’s March, my birthday month! I’m turning 31 and I really want to start being the person I want to be end up being. I am hoping to do more outdoor activities and more lifestyle aimed posts while still doing beauty and fashion. So stay tuned!

Also, if there is something that you want to see on this blog I would love to hear all about it!

My Morning routine


Everyday I wake up to a tiny grey paw in my face..

This is Mordechai my grey tiger striped tabby cat. He is hungry and wants food now. I roll myself out of bed and get him a can of his digestive health wet food. Tesla then comes bolting out of the bedroom because ‘How dare mommy not pay her attention first’ she then, after scolding me, waits patiently by the back door to be let out for her morning bathroom break. After they are settled and fed I proceed to make myself a couple cups of coffee in our old school coffee maker.

Our Keurig decided to quit and walked out on me.

I have to be careful when making my coffee. I only allow myself two cups, since that one time I drank a whole pot and felt like I wanted to puke and simultaneously run a 5k without stopping. I then load two pieces of white bread into my toaster that is on it’s last leg. I have a feeling he’s going to join the Keurig soon. After I butter my toast and poor my coffee into my husband’s mug.

I am forbidden to use this mug but I continue to do so because I have my rebellious reasons, I may be 30 but I need my stubborn child side sometimes.

I then settle down to either do one of two things.; I read or type a blog post. This morning blogging won out as I have some motivation and I refuse to let that leave me. Since I’ve decided to write four blogs I need to make sure that take every opportunity presented to me. When this is done I browse Instagram for a while until I am ready to take my shower and dress.

Then it’s time to start running errands.

What do you do on the morning of your day off?

Am I a Failed Blogger?

So in my tiny little corner of the internet I have been blogging for years. However I never really took my blogging seriously. I don’t look at stats, I stay away from comparing myself to other bloggers and I don’t even try to have a schedule. I blog when I please and just hope someone out there can read it and enjoy it.

Recently though, recently I’ve been looking more closely at my stats. I have been trying to write more engaging content. I still don’t have a schedule yet but it’s not for a lack of trying. I have been feeling envious because I can’t seem to break through. I didn’t even know I wanted to.

I want to give this blog my undivided attention. I want to meet other bloggers, attend events and partner with brands. I want to break out of my little corner and scream out my blog name to the world wide web. There’s a part of me however that keeps whispering, ‘Your too late’ , ‘Your not engaging or witty’ and ‘No one wants to read what your writing’. I can’t help but wonder if I should even continue trying.

There’s a side that wants to just start over, just delete all my content, rebrand and see if I can make it. A second side says that maybe I should just stop and count my losses. Spend my time in another way, stop trying. The third side wants to continue. The third side is rampaging not to give up, that how dare I even think about deleting years of work just because I am feeling a little insecure.

I feel like a freaking triangles in a world full of rolling circles.

I just want to roll!