Fighting Evil by Moonlight

luna shoes zoo shoo

Hey, hey, hey

I’m here and I have more shoes! When I saw these shoes modeled after my fave childhood anime Sailor Moon, I had to have them! Although a bit on the narrow side I really love them. They are not quite flats I would totally describe them as loafers. I did have to break them in a awful lot before I was about to get them fully comfortable. I wish they  had them in black as white tends to scuff very easy (Plus Luna was technically black, while Artemis was the white one, but no one is judging)

If you are a huge fan of Sailor moon or just like the shoes in general you can purchase them HERE



Shot to the heart, and your to blame

2016-04-04 17.12.54 2016-04-04 17.13.03

I really love  wearing jewelry. Sometimes it’s something casual like a pair of studs or maybe something flashy like a diamond bracelet.

Today I bring you Cupid’s Arrow Heart Pendant. I’ve always had a special place for hearts, whether it’s a atomically correct heart of one like these, I love them.

I really like this pendant, although it’s a bit big for my taste I love the Swarovski Crystal the color is gorgeous and I actually really love the design on the back.

If your Interested You can purchase the product HERE.

*This Item was given to me for an honest review*



I’m the MockingJay

Okay, okay, I am not the Mockingjay, nor am I Jennifer Lawrence or have anything to do with The Hunger games franchise. However, I have shoes that makes me think I can dress up like one!

zoo shoo

These heels are actually really comfortable! Maybe it’s my wacky childish side that has been coming out to play but I’ve been wanting to just play dress up!

What can I say I’m weird.

Like the shoes? You can get them HERE



Sephora Birthday Haul

Sephora Haul

So after my trip, I had a whole day I requested off from work just for myself and I had a gift card from Sephora. So I channeled my inner Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle and decided to Treat myself.

Walking into Sephora I didn’t really have a product that I needed in mind, so while I perused the store (and being asked a hundred times if I needed help, I must have looked lost) I came across my first Item.

Fresh Lip treatment

I’m having a huge problem with Dried lips lately and it seems like nothing is working, so a friend recommended this. I immediately snatched this up. The next product I debated a bit over

2016-04-04 16.55.18

I have so many Palettes right now! however a girl could never have enough right? Definitely going to review and show off a couple of swatches for this treat! After I picked this up I remembered I needed a new lash curler.

sephora lash curler

This is a bit on the pricey side to be honest but I trust sephora not to cut my lashes off.

The Make up eraser was a must try! I’ve heard so many things I had to pick it up when I saw it while standing in line.

2016-04-04 16.55.13

Last but not least was my Birthday pick, I’ve never tried any of Marc Jacobs Make up so I picked this baby up!

I know I spent more than was on my gift card, but it was my birthday, It’s my responsibility to make myself happy and as long as I am not hurting anyone right?



ETOD; Insert T-Rex Pun here

So it’s been such a long time since I’ve done a Earring of the day, I used to love wearing earrings yet some reason I’ve just stopped.

Here I am trying to get back into the groove of things.

2016-03-30 17.38.19

Here are my new earrings, they are green T-rex. I guess because of my birthday I’ve been on a bit of a funny kid mood. Maybe I’m trying to feel younger? Relive my Childhood? Whatever the reason I can say that I like these earrings alot. I’m a huge fan of studs, they are just easier to wear, they don’t catch on things, they don’t feel heavy and weigh my ears down.

The one things I don’t like is that they have rubber backings, when I thought they had metal backs. Oh well, it’s nothing that will make me lose my cool.

Another reason I love these earrings is that they are very fun and casual. I don’t have to wait for a special occasion, jeans and a Tee are great.

If you like these earrings you can purchase them HERE



Life in Color March


It’s April! This Life in color will not be a monthly Instagram look (although all the pictures on here are all on my instagram Follow me HERE) No instead I will be sharing with you all  my Napa Valley Vacation.

But first, we cruised down the scenic route and visited Solvang where we had Danish Pancakes at Paula’s Pancake house.

2016-03-17 08.50.51

2016-03-17 09.51.01 2016-03-17 09.10.20 2016-03-17 09.10.23

My husband had the blueberry, while I had apple pie. OMG they were so good. Definitely stop by if you ever find yourself in Solvang.

We then cruised up the 101, where there were alot of scenery however made the drive so much more longer than if we just took the 5.

We however came upon San Francisco where the Traffic was a plenty, and (to me at least) looked just like LA.

2016-03-17 14.47.50

But we finally arrived at our hotel in Napa, which was the Hilton Gardens. I was too exhausted from the drive to take a picture so sorry about that.

WE took the Napa Valley Wine Train on our first day, which was so fun and the food was great.

2016-03-18 11.23.14 2016-03-18 13.29.10 2016-03-18 12.06.03 2016-03-18 11.38.47 2016-03-18 11.23.41 2016-03-18 14.28.39

I suggest doing the train if your in Napa.

We also did some Wine Tours, but my Fave was Robert Mondavi Winery. The tour was very intimate as we were the last tour of the day and it was just my husband and I.

2016-03-18 15.39.56 2016-03-18 16.18.52 2016-03-18 16.35.48 2016-03-18 16.42.36 2016-03-18 16.47.25 2016-03-18 17.07.40

This was so fun, I just wish I took more pictures, but I was a bit too busy Drinking Wine and having fun.




I’m a sheep, Just kidding I have Ballet Flats

So yesterday I posted about my combat boots, (which I love so go check out that post after this one) and now I have a post about ballet flats. I also am currently writing more posts about shoes. I am shoe crazy. I love shoes. I also may have a shoe addiction, or at least this is what my husband says after he looks at my closet. (There will not be any closet pictures unless I somehow get a walk in closet bigger than a master bedroom. I really need to win the lotto).


So yes I know I am now 29 years old, and I probably shouldn’t be wearing shoes that have faces on them, but sometimes I want to feel young.

I also like Sheep.

These flats are really cute, however they are so very narrow. The first time I wore these… The Blisters, but I didn’t let that stop me. I broke them in, it took time, patience, and bandaids, but I prevailed and now they fit comfortably. These do run a bit small, I wear a size 8.5, I purchased a size 9 and they fit. Unfortunately these did not come in half sizes.

There are a whole range of other shoes that include (but are not limited to) Purple Unicorn, Brown Bear and Cow. I tried to get the Brown bear flat however they did not have my size

*insert sad face picture here*

I can’t wait till late spring or summer these flats will be perfect!

If you like you can browse (or Purchase) these flats HERE.

*I received these shoes for a discounted price*



Fave new Combat Boots

So I am so sorry I have not been updating, I just got really discouraged from my website messing up and deleting almost a month worth of content. Then I got busy with my Birthday, School, going on Vacation (which I will soon post about so look out for it) plus some person stuff. but hey I’m back!

I hoped you missed me, because I missed you all!

That first part sounded kinda conceited but oh well.

I want to share with you guys a recent purchase that I am so happy I did.

2016-02-19 05.08.46

To be honest I’ve never ordered shoes or clothes off of Amazon, so I didn’t know what to expect. I had really low expectations, which I found out I shouldn’t have because I love these boots. I didn’t even have to really break them in! I wear a 8.5 so that’s what I ordered and I was worried that they would not be true to size but they definitely are.

They are so comfortable, fit like a glove on my feet, and are Vegan leather too!

The one thing that kinda bothers me is the zipper decal (which actually unzips) doesn’t go all the way around which I wish It did.

If you want to check out these boots (and maybe purchase them) you can do that HERE. They come in brown as well, which I am thinking of getting.

*These were purchased by me at a discounted price*



OZ Naturals Vitamin C Serum* Review


I’ve been trying to use more serums and facial products lately. I feel that since I’m getting closer to my thirties I should definitely take more care of my skin. One of my favorite things to use are vitamin c serums. I feel like they make my skin feel great while giving it a healthy glow.

Oz Natural Vitamin C Serum has been pretty great so far. The serum absorbs quickly into my skin, so I don’t have to waste any time waiting for it to dry. My schedule lately has been more busy than I like so this is great.

Although I like to use my serums before bed time, this one seems to be more beneficial if I use it in the morning since it perks my skin up, so I’m going to have to switch my routine bit.

One of things that somewhat upsets me is the fact that this serum is a bit on the thin side. I like my serums a bit on the thick side.

20% vitamin c and Hyaluronic acid are the two active ingredients in this serum and is meant to brighten skin.

I do like this serum though I do wish it was a bit thicker.

*this product was given to me for a fair and bias review*



Healthy skin, Valentia Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask*

So this is fast becoming a fave brand of mine. Valentia so far has not let me down and still hasn’t. I love this detoxifying Clay mask.

Valentia Detoxifying Clay Mask

So that’s it that’s the review, you can pretty much stop reading I gave my opinion away.

Oh, your still reading this? Good.

Let me explain why this stuff is great. Besides it being a clay mask (I’m sure you guys already know this about me but I LOVE MASKS!), this has some pretty awesome stuff for your skin.

First,  Cleanses and exfoliates due to the Kaolin Clay which is used to draw out impurities.  Secondly, It uses hibiscus and Cranberry fibers to help boost Collagen and help with Anti-anging. I just noticed I use a lot of anti-aging face care stuffs, must be why I still get carded for rated R movies when I’m almost 30. Thirdly, using CoQ10 (which is a Natural antioxidant) it helps Reduces wrinkles.

When I first used this Detox Clay mask, by the looks of it I thought it was going to be stiff and hard to use on my face, but surprisingly it was very pliable in my hands and spread easily across my cheeks, chin, forehead and nose. it took around 20 mins to dry which I then wiped off my face using a towelette and warm water.

My skin felt AMAZING after using this, plus it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all!

*I was given this item for a honest Review*

If you would like to purchase Valentia Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask you can do that HERE