May Rants and Raves!

May was a weird month for us here in Boise weather wise. High Temp days, mixed with cold mornings, not to mention the random thunderstorms and crazy rain, it was weird. Besides having the occasional fashion dilemma because of the ever-changing spring weather, nothing much happened. You all know that I am trying to find myself, and It was the beginning of May that I discovered how I wanted to be so I guess that was a big thing. Anyway here are my rants and raves for May. Also, warning there may be a lot of food in this month’s picks…

The Weather – Rant, and Rave:

Like I said earlier the weather has been nuts. The picture above was taken right after a crazy thunderstorm that took out our internet. While some days it’s bright warm and perfect for BBQing, The next it’s raining and I can’t chill and watch Netflix because the stupid internet is out. Just make up your stupid mind!

Wendy’s Mediterranean Salad and Lemonade – Rave:

These are so good, I’m not usually the type to order a salad at a fast food place, but since I am trying to make a more healthy decision when picking my food I tried one. I think I have been missing out. This salad has such a unique taste, is really good and is surprisingly fresh. The lemonade (my favorite drink choice) is fresh as well. Not too sweet and just the right amount of tart. Yum!

McDonald’s Carmel Macchiato Iced – Rant

 First of all, I wanted a hot Carmel Macchiato. They gave me the wrong one, and while I would usually let them know I was in a hurry so I just took it and left. That was a big mistake. This drink was disgusting. It was too sweet, I couldn’t taste any coffee just whatever creamer they used, and it was so bland. Yuck! Now I know never to order one of these. Ever.

Work – Rant

So I am not going to go too in-depth on why I want to rant about my work, but I have just been so unhappy. I really need to go out and find a job that love doing, can’t spend my time wasting away.

Blogging – Rave

I think I finally got into a groove on my blog that does not stress me out, and I am happy about it. I love blogging, but my personal life can sometimes get so extreme that I have to leave it on the side, untouched. Well I don’t want to do that anymore and I vow to keep this going because a) It makes me happy, b) gives me a chance to engage in the community, c) It’s just fun!

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