#SampleSunday Empty Samples

I’ve made it a goal of mine to use all my samples up since I have so many and I foresee myself getting more especially since I plan on getting another beauty subscription (any recommendations will help!). So I just want to share with you all my empty samples and my thoughts on them. I don’t have too many but I am trying.

I got a sample of this yaby foundation a while back and I wanted to use it. I was really surprised at how cakey this felt on my face. It was heavy and I really didn’t like it. I wont be purchasing this that is for sure.

I feel like everyone has gotten a sample of theBalm Put a Lid on Itthe eye primer wasn’t too bad and did it’s job after 9 hours at work it did start to wear off a bit, but I have really oily lids so it is hard for me to find a primer that lasts all day. I may purchase this if it goes on sale.

the Naobay Oxygenating cream is the best product out of the three. A little cream went a long way and this sample actually lasted longer than I thought it would. It left my skin feeling very soft and hydrated. I think I would purchase this.

Are there any samples you have tried lately?

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