#SkincareSunday Hanaka Hydrogel Lip and Eye Patch

I meant to post this last Sunday but with our move and everything it seemed to have been pushed back a week. Either way Let’s do this!

As you all know Sundays are my pamper days and I always try to pamper my skin. I’m thirty now this is so very important to me, I really don’t want to look like a wrinkled leather handbag. I actually got these lovelies a little while ago and now I have finally had a chance to use them! I am so glad I did too because they worked great. Hanaka Hydrogel Lip and Eye Patches are meant as moisture boosters and to relieve any irritation you may have. I have really sensitive skin, plus anything with fragrance usually makes my eyes water so I don’t use eye patches as much as I want. The eye patches did not have any fragrance stuck to my eyes and gave it a nice boost. I believe the lip patches were fruit scented, I think it was strawberry. It was really light though so you don’t really notice. I really do recommend anyone who needs a burst of hydration to their irritated skin.

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