New House, that means I need pretty guest soaps

Inked2017-11-04 12.50.00_LI

So great news! We got our house! After so much stress and headaches, everything finally paid off. I am so happy right now. We, of course, have to still go through the stress of moving but Hopefully, all the stars will be aligned soon and I can share my home designing process.

Anyway, I made my first purchase of the house. It’s not a big thing as we are kind of broke right now, but it’s important enough to mention. With our new house, we now have a guest bathroom. You know that bathroom that has the pretty towels, spotless sink and pretty soaps, yea you know the one. So I decided I needed pretty soaps for the bathroom.

2017-07-24 19.11.02


While no obviously these soaps are not practical they are beautiful and made of all natural ingredients too! I love the pink colors and of course, i’ll have to match all the colors in my bathroom now. My favorite is the light pink.

2017-07-24 19.11.53

I think these little soaps would make a great alternative to real flowers as these won’t die unless you want them to (just get them wet). They do work exactly like soaps do, so if you need to clean your hands it works.

If you would like to purchase these beauties you can do so HERE

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