Completed My Bath Experience!

2017-07-28 20.13.19


I knew my bath experience was missing something but I had to figure out what. Bath bomb/oil/bubbles, Check. Amazing smelling candles, check. The audiobook for background, check. Bath Pillow… Oh, I guess I found it. I can’t believe I went so long without having one. I feel like I failed at baths until now.

It really does make a difference to have a pillow to recline on. This pillow from Simply Essentials, however, is supposed to be the Best Bath Pillow so you know I had to get it. It’s waterproof and has suction cups so that it stays in place. The shape is made to add comfort for your neck and better support for your head.

2017-07-28 20.13.52

The one thing is that it is really stiff and if your tub does not have the right angle than it is a little uncomfortable to lay against. I wish I did not get the extra firm pillow but I thought it would have the best support. This pillow, however, is incredibly convenient because you can just wipe it dry. It also isn’t that big so you can carry it when vacationing or moving.  While the pillow is waterproof they do not recommend completely submerging the pillow in water for long periods of time. Still, I am really glad to have purchased it because it really does change your experience a bit.

If you want you can purchase it HERE

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