Teeth Whitening the natural way

2017-10-29 11.57.46

You all know I drink tons of coffee. So, of course, I am constantly trying to find new ways to whiten my teeth. I saw so many people try charcoal and while at first, I thought it was weird I knew I wanted to eventually try it.

The Activated Charcoal from BeLive is from coconuts and it comes in a really fine powder. They also have 2 free charcoal strips in case you wanted to try those too.

2017-10-29 11.58.33

Okay, so this stuff can get everywhere so be very careful when using the powder because it stains! I didn’t have any problems with spilling and made sure to immediately wipe up if I spilled any.

2017-10-29 11.58.48

Do not expect this stuff to taste good. It tastes exactly how it looks, and it took me a while to get used to it. I, however, saw results from the very first use. I would not recommend using this as an alternative to toothpaste though. While it did whiten and clean my teeth I still didn’t get that satisfactory cleanliness feel like I did after using toothpaste.  I mostly use this at night as I feel that is when it would benefit me the most.

If you would like to purchase this you can do so HERE

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