Spent my Easter with a relaxing bath, Lush Review

I normally get Sundays off and it’s my errand day. I do housework, laundry, school work and whatever else needs to get done, however because it was Easter I decided to really relax and pamper myself. Lately when I decide to pamper myself it’s always with a relaxing bath and lighting a candle and spending the time reading. Of course I can’t just take any regular old bath, I need something that smells nice, that turns the water a cool color. It needs to distract from the fact that I am technically relaxing in my own filth.

Okay I am not too filthy, but still if I sit and think about it…

Anyway Easter to me is bright colors, Chocolate eggs and bright green grass. The Fizzbanger Bath bomb is a bright yellow ball, that reminds of baby chicks and Eggs. It turned the water a deep green that reminded me of grass and made me feel like a mermaid.

What I completely forgot about the Fizzbanger was the loud poprock like noises it makes that confused me (and made me suspicious) at first but once I saw the little bang in the water I remembered. My skin felt so soft and smooth and I just relaxed in the bath until it turned lukewarm and I knew I had to get out. While I was supposed to get the scent of cinnamon apples, I didn’t really get that which was a little bit of a bummer.

If you want a moisturizing, excited bath I do suggest the Fizzbanger Bath bomb however light a candle for fragrance because this one is too soft, I didn’t smell it.

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