You’ve Been Mangoed, Lush Bath Oil Review

Lush has completely changed how I bathe, before in our old place I did not have a bath tub so I honestly did not know what I was missing. Now I can’t imagine not having a bath tub. I also now have a Lush right down the street, which makes my pocket book cry. I even have my husband using Lush products, his favorite is the Kalamazoo.

The winter has wreaked my skin, drying it out a lot more than I would have liked but Lush has quite a bit of bath oils, as well as bath bombs that can help with that. I choose You’ve been Mangoed not only because the clerk recommended it to me, but because I love the smell of mango (and the taste but I swear I did not eat it) and I am curious how it be on my skin.

The citrusy smell reminded me of Spring which the first day was Monday so I used it just in time. I decided to split it in half since the oil looked a little big, and I am glad I did because despite only using half of it, it still worked really well.

The bath turned a weird green shade, with patches of orange intermixed. The water felt soothing on my skin, and slightly oily but not to where I felt greasy. My skin almost felt as good as new, and super moisturized. These oils are super inexpensive too compared to Lush’s other products, just $3.50 each.

If you had a rough week, or just need time to relax I would definitely recommend trying one out.

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