Five Friday faves

This week has been productive but crazy and I can’t say I’m not glad that it’s almost over. Despite this feelings there has been some great moments, and I will share some of those moments as well as just things I have enjoyed this past week.

I’ve always wanted one of these planners, and my husband brought me home one as a surprise, I’ll definitely post a review and a closer look at the actual planner.

we went out to eat for my husbands birthday and got this beautiful sashimi platter. I felt bad that our waitress had to carry it though.

I’ve gotten to enjoy getting time to read, especially since I’ve been scheduling properly so far. let’s hope I don’t slip up

I’ve actually been enjoying this semester at school and I hope this lasts until I graduate, my subjects are more appealing.

I’ve been really enjoying my bookstagram account and the community. This is not a shameful self-promotion, I really do love this account. It let’s me be creative and do insta challenges.

What did you love this week?

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