Am I a Failed Blogger?

So in my tiny little corner of the internet I have been blogging for years. However I never really took my blogging seriously. I don’t look at stats, I stay away from comparing myself to other bloggers and I don’t even try to have a schedule. I blog when I please and just hope someone out there can read it and enjoy it.

Recently though, recently I’ve been looking more closely at my stats. I have been trying to write more engaging content. I still don’t have a schedule yet but it’s not for a lack of trying. I have been feeling envious because I can’t seem to break through. I didn’t even know I wanted to.

I want to give this blog my undivided attention. I want to meet other bloggers, attend events and partner with brands. I want to break out of my little corner and scream out my blog name to the world wide web. There’s a part of me however that keeps whispering, ‘Your too late’ , ‘Your not engaging or witty’ and ‘No one wants to read what your writing’. I can’t help but wonder if I should even continue trying.

There’s a side that wants to just start over, just delete all my content, rebrand and see if I can make it. A second side says that maybe I should just stop and count my losses. Spend my time in another way, stop trying. The third side wants to continue. The third side is rampaging not to give up, that how dare I even think about deleting years of work just because I am feeling a little insecure.

I feel like a freaking triangles in a world full of rolling circles.

I just want to roll!

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