Weekly Wrap-up

‘ Poor Decisions and bad luck are contingencies of most horror films’
– Wesley Morris

Last week was not best of weeks, when the new year came around I was kinda hoping that the bad luck that came with it would suddenly disappear. I guess it’s kinda my fault for being that naive. Well let’s see what happened this week.

My Poor Kitty

On Monday my little man here got sick, so sick he lost tons of weight and had to be hospitalized. He wouldn’t eat anything at all, this is very dangerous for cats. His liver and appendix ended up getting inflamed due to his non eating and the vets had to syringe feed him and have him on IV. I hated it!

Tuesday not very much happened besides having to help push my husband’s car out of the garage because of the buildup from snow. he ended up having to take my care because his car just couldn’t do it.

Icicles are pretty drops of death!

Wednesday the morning started the same as Tuesday, once again pushing the car out of the garage getting covered in snow in the process. When your fingers are warming up from being super cold they throb, turn red and swell. Wednesday I also braved the knee deep snow and walked to the vet to visit Mordechai. He looked so miserable, and he needed more medication that the vet didn’t have so I walked to Walgreen to fill his prescription. By the time I got home I was sweaty, but cold. My chest was starting to feel congested and I was soaked with snow up to my thighs.

Thursday was spent in silence. I read, I drank green tea and found out that Mordechai was doing better

Friday morning consisted of me calling the vet repeatedly to see when I was able to get my cat. My husband was able to pick him up and bring him back home which is just a great feeling. He even started to eat again!

Saturday I ran some errands and ending up getting into a car accident. My breaks locked up when I got into the left turning land. Pumping my brakes and even using the emergency break didn’t work and I slammed into the Trailer hitch of a truck. Luckily no one was injured but it was super scary and I almost had an emotional break down because life. Fortunately no breakdown happened but now I have super phobia of driving in snow and I am very worried that I will continue to get into accidents. This is the first one I have ever in my life been in.

Sunday My husband purchased a new car, one that he can actually use in winter weather conditions. It’s a Ford Edge and it’s pretty nice. We then completed the errands I was suppose to complete on Saturday.

That was my week. I swear I used to be a strong female who didn’t freak out in stressful situations. Life has a way of beating us down.

I think I will add another New Years Resolution to my current list. Stop being such a baby, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. You like lemonade! I am going to work on being the person I want to be and not the person life is trying to dictate I become.

Screw that. It’s time to take control!

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