Sample Sunday The Yeon Jeju Energy Pack

I am so glad to be doing this again it’s been a while and honestly I’ve just been so busy that I couldn’t pamper myself like I usually do, but it’s back now!

This sample was from one of Mask Mavens (which I miss but I’m way too poor to have another subscription). This Sunday it is The Yeon Jeju Enery Live Pack.

When I first used the product I didn’t notice the Cooling part on the package and well it’s super cold winter up here in Idaho, this is not a good combination. It was so cold on my face, plus they had these pulp like things in the mask which I think I was suppose to rub in, I’m not too sure. This is suppose to Moisturize your skin while soaking in loads of vitamins. I kept the mask on for about 15 mins and then rinsed my face. It came off pretty easy however I didn’t feel too much in the way of moisture. My skin did have a slight glow to it and it felt pretty good. I am thinking this would make a good addition to a summer skincare routine, but it didn’t do enough for my face for the winter.

Have you tried this product before?

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