Not Frozen! ‘Let It Glow’ Face Mask

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First Impression:

  • Smells like cake mix
  • I thought it would make a mess
  • A Bit small

What it’s suppose to do:

  • Brighten Your Skin
  • Improves Texture

What’s In it?

  • Lavender Powder
  • Orange Powder
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Vitamin C

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I’ve read that so many people like the smell and I really really don’t. I will note that I am not a chocolate lover so that could be the reason. Another thing I did not like was the fact that you need a second ingredient (Aloe gel) to make the mask, I wish I was told this before hand but I had some already so I was lucky. Mixing the two together with 1 Tablespoon of the dry mask was easy and really not as messy as I thought it was going to be, The mask mixed together well and spread across my face smoothly. I waited around 10 minutes for my mask to dry. I think because of the Aloe gel that it felt really cool on my face which is a plus with the end of summer heat we are getting down here. Wiping the mask off was easy and it came off surprisingly smooth, there was one thing I was not expecting though.


My face was so red! I know it warns that your face will be a bit red, however I was not prepared! It looked like I had a huge sunburn, and since I have a round face I literally looked like a tomato! The one thing I can say is that at least it didn’t hurt like a sunburn, it wasn’t irritated or painful, however my face did feel hot. If you are planning on going out after using the mask I really urge against it, I did this at night before bed so I am not really sure how long it took to go away, but I can tell you it was more than an hour. My skin is very sensitive so that could have been why it took so long.


My face was super soft though, almost like new skin! I loved how my skin felt I just wish it didn’t cause my face to turn all red. I am not sure how I feel about the mask, on one hand it gives me great skin and on the other… Tomato face.

What do you think?

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