If The Kardashians can do it…*

No, I don’t want to be like the Kardashians (except I kinda do but not as annoying). The actual reason I’m writing this post is because I am trying out Waist Trainers which have recently been made a bit famous by the Kardashians. They eat, sleep and workout in these things and I have been given the chance to try one out.


I mostly wanted to use it as a way to sit up straighter. I am so many problems with my posture that has recently been coming back to bite my butt with lower back pains. So much so that It’s affecting my hips and walking. I am not even 30 yet, I really shouldn’t be having these types of problems.


So I sucked it in and got one. The Material is soft breathable and comfortable, I thought it would be a huge pain to put due to all the little hooks you have to fasten but it barely took me a minute (I’m thanking my years wearing  bra for this one). I though wearing it around during the summer would result in a sweaty uncomfortable mess of a body, but it didn’t make me feel any hotter than I should have been. The tiny holes in the fabric allow room for your body to breathe.


I really enjoyed wearing the corset, while I have a natural hourglass figure (you know when I actually show it off instead of wearing scrubs like I’m used to) it does define the shape of my body more. If you are looking for something to give you a hourglass figure definitely look for something like this. Plus it really does help with my back problems, as I have to sit up straighter and give my body the proper way to sit.


Two things to remember if your going to try a waist trainer. One, You need to train your body with it, don’t get it and immediately put it on and wear it all day. Start with a couple hours a day and gradually increase the duration each time. Two, this isn’t a magically fix it for your body. This won’t suddenly transform your shape into a Voluptuous vixen, This is there as a helper and motivator!

You can Purchase the one I’m using HERE

Have you Tried a waist Trainer? What do you think?

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