Five Friday Unfaves


This week has been just shy of horrible. While I usually do my Five Friday Faves, I just couldn’t muster up the optimism that I usually put into these posts. So Today I am bring you, Five Friday Unfaves. Hopefully this will be the only one.

  1. My period
    Why hello Aunt Erma, you decided to stop by with a week long visit did you? Oh and you brought my annoying cousins Cramps and Bloating along, Well how freaking nice of you!
  2. Sore Throat
    I’ve been waking up everyday with a sore throat and I am just tired of it. If I am getting sick then just let the stupid sickness come!!! Or else just leave me alone.
  3. Migraines
    I had to stay home from work because of a stupid migraine that just won’t let me function. Blarg!
  4. The Outstanding Heat!
    I don’t do well in extremes, I don’t like the heat, especially when summer is suppose to be over!
  5. Debt
    It seems that no matter how much money I put into eliminating any of my debt it just doesn’t go away.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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