What I Loved About Boise

I’ve been back for a couple of days from my vacation in Boise and I’ve had some time to gather my thoughts and think back on my trip. I had so much fun, and if you follow me on Instagram or snapchat (troubledfred) you were able to sort of go a long with me.Since I liked Boise (Boy-cee) so much I decided to tell you all about what I loved about it in hopes of getting you all to one day visit.

Everyone is so nice

No seriously, Everyone. I didn’t encounter a single rude person. I didn’t even encounter a semi-rude person. Everyone was so nice and interested in what I had to say that it completely took me off-guard. My husband looked at me like a crazy person because I didn’t know how to respond to such politeness. I eventually got used to it and responded in kind but it’s something that has stuck with me especially since I came back to L.A and was hit with a rude awakening.

Delicious Food2016-09-05-10-39-29
I did not have a single bad food. EVERYTHING TASTED SO GOOD. While I’m sure not every restaurant was just great and amazing. Everything I ate was just melt in my mouth amazing. Maybe I was just lucky and get the best restaurants? Either way SO GOOD.


Everything was so great and SO GREEN. Not only were things well maintain but the houses and buildings were s nice too!Books and reading are taken seriouslyimage000000They have a Library! Yes and you must use a exclamation point.

Diversity and Human rights2016-09-04-11-01-34
They have an Anne Frank and Diversity mural. Also saw a lot of different diversity just walking around downtown. I was very surprised when I stumbled upon a Latino Festival and also they celebrated Japan Day.

Vegetarian/ Vegan options

For being a state known for their beef, they had a surprisingly large amount of vegetarian options on their menu, I am not just talking standard garden salad either.

Beer2016-09-02-19-32-38-1They have a couple of small breweries and all of their bars carry the local micro brews and each and every local beer I drank was DELICIOUS! I’m not usually a beer drinker but sign me up for all of the beer please. ALL OF THE BEER
So I had a lot of fun in Boise and hopefully we would return there soon.xo,Kimberly-3

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