No phone for 24 hours


I haven’t updated in three days and that makes me sad. Unfortunately I’ve had a string of bad luck since Sunday night, one of which I will tell you about in this post.

Just so you know I wasn’t without a phone voluntarily, this was not some Social Media experiment to see if I can go without it for 24 hours. Sunday night my phone updated it’s software, I don’t usually do it until a couple of days with the software release, however I had accidentally hit the accept button while scrolling through emails.  This was a huge mistake, it caused my phone to completely turn off and not turn back on ever again.

My cell phone is the only phone I have, I don’t have a land line and just recently I donated all of my older phones.

I was so paranoid someone would have an emergency and they wouldn’t be able to reach me. I was also paranoid that I would be driving and somehow I would crash or pop a tire or get stranded somewhere without a phone. I know people have gotten along just find without cell phones for decades however when was the last time you saw a payphone, a real working pay phone. Also, I don’t carry change or money as I have a paranoia of being robbed of it.

I am a worried, anxiety-filled paranoid mess of a blogger. I kept imagining scenarios that I or somehow I know needed my phone. What if I had stumbled across a crime and couldn’t call 9-1-1?

I didn’t even care about my social media accounts, how could I when a mugger was waiting around every corner to take what little I carry on me?

I ended up making myself sick with worry. I finally got a replacement phone so I am feeling back to my old self.

Moral of the story….

Wrap yourself in bubblewrap and stay home if you loose your cell phone.



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