Five Friday Faves

When this is posted I’ll be in Boise exploring the great outdoors and loving being away from work and drama.

Anyway, here’s another Five Friday Faves, you can read the first one HERE.


This Grande Cadillac Margarita from El Paso Cantina. Just what I needed after a long day of work.

2016-08-30 15.38.00

My new Favorite snack, Sriracha Flavored Toasted Corn from sprouts. I can eat the entire package if I am not careful.

2016-08-30 15.26.55

My flirty Gel Manicure . Love the color it makes me feel so girly!

2016-08-30 16.35.06

I got this little gem for 10 bux for my trip. I needed something small to carry around, also I love how it looks!


Also, I dyed my hair a deep violet. not sure how well you can see in the picture, but either way I love the color and I have gotten compliments!

What are your current faves?




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