OZ Naturals Vitamin C Serum* Review


I’ve been trying to use more serums and facial products lately. I feel that since I’m getting closer to my thirties I should definitely take more care of my skin. One of my favorite things to use are vitamin c serums. I feel like they make my skin feel great while giving it a healthy glow.

Oz Natural Vitamin C Serum has been pretty great so far. The serum absorbs quickly into my skin, so I don’t have to waste any time waiting for it to dry. My schedule lately has been more busy than I like so this is great.

Although I like to use my serums before bed time, this one seems to be more beneficial if I use it in the morning since it perks my skin up, so I’m going to have to switch my routine bit.

One of things that somewhat upsets me is the fact that this serum is a bit on the thin side. I like my serums a bit on the thick side.

20% vitamin c and Hyaluronic acid are the two active ingredients in this serum and is meant to brighten skin.

I do like this serum though I do wish it was a bit thicker.

*this product was given to me for a fair and bias review*



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