10 Songs to Motivate your Workout!

So, hows that fitness resolution that you have been working on? If your like me then then it;s hard to get motivated to work out.

For me music and Motivation go hand in hand. It can make you feel the lowest of lows, or elevate you to the highest high.

Here are my top 10 motivating workout songs. (in no particular Order)

1 Vigiland Shots & Squats

2. Brittney Spears Work B**ch

3. Louis Prima Jump,Jive, An’wail

4. Fall out boy (Feat Demi Lovato) Irresistible

5. Olivia Newton John Physical

6. Beyonce Single Ladies

7. Elvis Crespo Suavemente

8. Salt & Pepper Push it

9. 2 Chains, Wiz Khalifa We Own it

10. Rachel Platten Fight Song

Hopefully this will motivate you to brave that cold and do what you need!


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