3 Things I need when Life gets me down


So in one day I feel like I’ve gotten a ton of bad news. I’m not going to share what it is, at least not today, but I will share with you today how I get through my bad news days and maybe help you when you get bad news.

A Support System

When Things go bad you need someone there to just hold you, to listen or maybe just to share in this bad news with you. Having a support system, whether it’s your dog, your Friends, family or significant other. I am grateful that I have those people who I can turn to when things go bad and I know that can support me when I can’t support myself.

A Hobby

Taking your mind off the news helps. I know it helps me, that why I have this blog. It’s an outlet for me, I way to sort of just escape. Now I don’t mean this as a forget about your problems and ignore them, however you can’t spend all your time stressing and worrying. This will most likely land you in the hospital. Trust me, I know.

Remind yourself there are good times.

So even though I feel like I’ve been getting all sorts of bad news, I know that not everything has been bad, and that’s what you have to continuously remind yourself. Remember that with the good comes the bad.

Hopefully this will help you out as it’s helped me out and hey if all else fails you can always just dye your hair purple!



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