ELF Precision Liquid Eyeliner Review

ELF precision Liquid Liner

Hey kittens!

So I’ve recently been wanting to try out more liquid liners, but with my current money situation (or lack there of ) I haven’t had a chance to purchase any new liners. Thank you ELF and their affordable cosmetics.

I’ve recently obtained their Precision Liquid Eyeliner in black and to be honest I’ve had my doubts. While I absolutely adore most of their products I have not had any luck with any of their liners. I’m not sure if it’s because my lids are oily or their formula is wonky, but most of their liners smear, crack or run and by the end of the day I look a mess.

2015-11-17 14.54.35

Well after wearing the Precision Liquid liner I was a bit impressed. It does on very smooth and evenly. It’s very easy to use and I was able to make the line as thin or as thick as I liked.

While it die stay on my eye, I notice it’s very easy to rub this liner off with your fingers. So it makes taking the liner off an easy thing to do, but if you tend to rub your eye a lot maybe steer clear.

2015-11-17 14.54.05

The only thing that bothered me was it seemed to take a long time to dry which can be a pain if your in a hurry or running late.

I will say this is not my go-to liner but fir the price I was pretty surprised at the quality the ELF Precision Liquid Eyeliner showed.

Have you ever tired this liner before? What’s your currently fave Liquid liner?



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