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I think pretty much everyone has seen Jessica Jones by now on Netflix. Over Thanksgiving break I settled in and watched it and I thought I would share with you all how I thought it was. Warning This will contain spoilers to the first season!

I love reading comics and Marvel is my go to content creator so when I heard they were going to start making shows on Netflix I was so hyped! That being said I’ve never read ALIAS, the Jessica Jones comic. A friend of mine would always recommend the comic to me and I would always brush him off. As a Comic Character I never saw the appeal of Jessica Jones or Luke Cage. However after watching the show, I kinda wish I had.

I am going to Compare this to Marvel’s other Netflix show Daredevil because to me they are some what similar and share lots of the same characters and locations. I thoroughly enjoyed Daredevil from the very first episode to the last in the season, That’s rare for me. I usually have to watch a couple of episodes to warm up to a show. I will say that the first couple of episodes of Jessica Jones I loved. I felt Kilgrave was great villain, even more so than Kingpin and I was rooting for Jessica to win the entire time. Almost the entire cast I felt was so perfect. Loved Jessica’s best friend Patricia Walker, I felt she was played so well. The one person I actually like the least was Jessica herself.

I know, how can I root for her when I didn’t like her? Well I am not saying I didn’t like her at all I just not sure if I loved Krysten Ritter’s performance as Jessica Jones. There were some scenes that I felt she was best suited for the roll and other times she just fell flat. Hell, Maybe I am just judging her too harshly.

The middle episodes (6-10) I was just getting upset at all the choices she made, I felt like her as a character should have made her choices different.

I will say that the last two episodes had me in suspense and that the way Jessica killed Kilgrave made me do a fist pump even if it was a bit anti-climatic

Overall I did enjoy the series and I do recommend this for anyone who needs wants to watch a show with a Kickass Female cast.



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