I’m not a Grinch, I just like Thanksgiving

Hey Kittens!

2015-11-05 13.02.19

Christmas is not allowed to be talked about or celebrated until after the last Thursday in November in my house. I will seriously kick you out, doesn’t matter if your Channing Tatum or Santa Himself. ‘Ho, Ho Ho’ your ass to the curve red cheeks!

Thanksgiving I feel is a under rated holiday and my favorite. What’s not to love; there’s amazing food you usually only eat once a year, Your usually surrounded by family or friends and I usually get Friday off of work as well!

Seems people tend to forget Thanksgiving even exists, Wheres the cornucopias? The Fall patterned table cloths? The Freaking turkeys you make from your hand!?

The first day of Winter does not start until December 21st. That’s a whole 4 days before Christmas.

So to sum up people, Remember Thanksgiving! Remember Family and for Gosh-sakes people Don’t forget The Food!!!!



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