OOTD Happy



Sweater: Tommy Hilfiger
Dress: H&M

If I asked you if you were happy with your body what would be your response? Would you be the confident one who would say that you love your body, or are you the type to immediately wish I had asked another question. Are you like me and you don’t have a definitive answer.

There are days that I wake up and I absolutely love everything about myself, my boobs are perky, my booty is bouncing like Beyonce and my skin is baby bottom smooth.There are also days that I wake up and feel like everything is just against me and a huge zit seemed to have popped up over night on the tip of my nose, I’ve also gained five pounds and I swear I muffin top everything I own. Sometimes I’m an alien in my own skin and it’s moments like that, that affect me the most. It makes me irritable and I don’t feel like myself. My motivation to do ANYTHING seems to have gone out the window and I just wanna cuddle with Mordechai and Tesla and just pig out on something I probably shouldn’t be eating.

How do you all handle those days? I tend to try to drown out the world but it’s nearly impossible to do that as I constantly seems to have to do something.

So on days like those I try to put on a bright colorful dress, some lipstick and mascara and I ‘Fake it til I make it’ sometimes it works, other times well…

What do you do?

Bonus Selfies:

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